Keep it SIMPLE!

The government agencies responsible for border crossings are large, beaurocratic, and slow. They create multiple web sites with long, complicated URLs that no one can remember let alone tell to their friends. When they make updates, they often leave old information still published(!).

Now you can help!

Pass along word to your border-crossing friends that the following user-friendly and easy to remember web sites direct them straight to what they need:

Nexus Pass:

Border Crossing Traffic Webcams:

Official Government Websites in US and Canada

Link to us from your community and team websites, to help spread the word, and we will keep these pages simple and linking direct to the various government pages you need to simply get where you want to go!

How to Renew Your Nexus Card

Your Nexus card renewal is processed by either the U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) or the Canadian Processing Centers (CPS). Use the GOES "Global Enrollment Online System" to manage your account including renewal, or submit by mail to a processing center.

Save your Pacific Northwest vacation! You can now apply for your Nexus border pass online, using the Nexus online application.

Nexus Renewal Fee

The renewal fee for Nexus is $50 and that price is the same whether Canadian dollars or US dollars. There is no currency conversion issue, because Canadian citizens must process a Canadian application and pay in Canadian dollars, while US citizens must file as US citizens and pay in US dollars.

Nexus Card Photos

When you renew your American Nexus card, you may find that the Border Agency is happy with your current photograph, and no new photograph is required. Even though your photo is old, they simply re-issue a new card, using the photo they already have on file for your expired Nexus card.

This is true whether or not your existing Nexus card photograph is accurate. The border services agency has no way of knowing whether or not your likeness still matches your existing Nexus card photo. If it does not, you may find yourself delayed every time you try to cross the border, because the border crossing agent cannot easily recognize you, looking at your Nexus card ID photo.

If you know your photo will be a problem, visit the border services agency and consult with a service agent regarding updating your ID photo. This will probably have to be AFTER you have received your new card.

Canadian Nexus Pass Renewals

Canadian citizens should send their application form to:

NEXUS Program, 28 176th Street, Surrey, BC V3S 9R9 Canada

NEXUS Program, P.O. Box 126, Niagara Falls, ON L2E 6T1 Canada

US Nexus Pass Renewals

U.S. citizens should send their application form to:

NEXUS Program, 400 Place Youville, Montreal, QC H2Y 2C2 Canada