Keep it SIMPLE!

The government agencies responsible for border crossings are large, beaurocratic, and slow. They create multiple web sites with long, complicated URLs that no one can remember let alone tell to their friends. When they make updates, they often leave old information still published(!).

Now you can help!

Pass along word to your border-crossing friends that the following user-friendly and easy to remember web sites direct them straight to what they need:

Nexus Pass:

Border Crossing Traffic Webcams:

Official Government Websites in US and Canada

Link to us from your community and team websites, to help spread the word, and we will keep these pages simple and linking direct to the various government pages you need to simply get where you want to go!

New Nexus Card Activation

New Nexus Cards have been sent to participants in the Nexus Trusted Traveler program. The cards are sent in the mail, without any sort of tracking. Officially, you have only 30 days to activate your new Nexus card, or both your new card and your old Nexus card will be deactivated. This is very important! If you do not activate promptly, you may lost your Nexus privileges. Please see updates about this, for actual real-world experience with Nexus card activation beyond the 30 day period.

UPDATE: They have a new Trusted Traveler website! Please see the Nexus Card Website.

Aside from the way they were mailed without tracking nor advance notice, the biggest issue with the new Nexus Card activation is the web URL for card activation. It is plainly listed in the envelope with the new Nexus card as https://goes-app.cbp.dhs.gov If you try and go to http://goes-app.cbp.dhs.gov it will not come up and there will not be any error message. This is a bug in the governments implementation, but since there is no message you may never know why the web site is not working for you.

Be very careful typing in that extra "s" in the "https" part, or better yet just use this live link:

New RFID Nexus Card Activation Link -----> This has been udpated, please see the updated web page linked above.

What You Need to Activate Nexus Cards

sample card

sample card

Update 2022: In order to activate your Nexus Card, you will need to log in to your own secure Trusted Traveler web account. Please see the main Nexus Card page for details of how that web site and account works.

In order to activate your Nexus card, you will need the small account and security code numbers written on the back of the card (circled in red in image above). They are VERY SMALL, so check that you can read them properly before attempting to activate using the online form.